Concord-aktivitet #3: Lad os lave en plan (kalender til print)

Concord Activity #3: Let’s Make a Plan (Calendar Printable)

Dear friends – we’ve created an awesome, easy to use & kids friendly calendar and we highly recommend you to use it. It encourages kids involvement, makes them excited about the future activities and allows them to develop important skills for life. Is your kid starting the school this year? This is a perfect way of implementing some planning in his/her daily routine.

What’s in it for kids?

Kids will learn time management – organizing and planning. Involvement in scheduling their own week will make them more conscious of their time and will be an additional step towards independence. They will also be more aware of their duties and more excited for the upcoming activities they love or free days. It’s great for learning weekdays and numbers as well.

How to use the calendar?

Download the package here. Print it out and cut out the activities and the pocket for storing the cards. Let the kids draw or write on the pocket – it can be totally personalized. There are also a few empty activity cards, which can be customized. Talk with your kids and decide together what would you like to put on those. Now you just need a pack of sticky tack and you´re ready to plan. Enjoy!

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