Concord Activity #2: Activities Dice

Concord Activity #2: Activities Dice

One of our favorite games from childhood is “Simon Says”, so we created these printable activities dice with fun activities for your kids. They make them, roll them, and do the activities all by themselves.

As parents, we noticed that when we are tired, it is challenging to come up with interesting activities for the kids to do. Do you have that problem sometimes? We hope you find these dice useful and fun for your kids. Enjoy!

Set the time

Roll the dice to set the the time of the activity. You can give your kids a stopwatch they can set and monitor time themselves. This will make the activity even more fun and they can learn to manage time.

Time management is a crucial skill that can help your kids estimate how long will a task take, complete a task on time, leading to not wasting time.

Activities Dice - Set the time

Set the style

This dice is meant to teach kids how to use their bodies in different ways. These styles strengthen the muscles, improve the motor skills and are crazy fun.

Activities Dice - Set the style

Set the activity

Now let’s stimulate the imagination a bit. You can use this dice on its own or in combination with the other two. This dice is particularly fun for children over 5 years old. For smaller children, we suggest the parents to play along to teach them some of the concepts.Activities Dice - Set the activity

Download printable here: Activities Dice

Tips and Tricks

After giving it a few try ourselves, we recommend to use thick printing paper or glue the printables on thicker paper for a better roll of the dice.

Let us know if your kids enjoyed these activities in the comments below.

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